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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ghetto hooners: GLOBAL HEIST #2

Ghetto hooners live in the place once again, this time in Australia! We got a dope GH rep over there, allow me introduce: Tamika.

 Tamika nabs a willing tourist for a photo. (What the fuck is going on with their free hands behind their backs?!?!)

Tamika reps GH big style, always up for a street cypher with anyone that will rhyme with her (read: doesn't run off instantly after clocking her.) She also blams up stickers in her homeland HARD, as you can see by the photo's above.

There is a great deal of debate and confusion over the photo above, and the sticker she has oddly placed about her person, which reads: "NAH WILL!"

Some argue that the 'Will' referred to is a young lad of about 17 years of age, who currently lives in a historic market town just off the A3. He's a dope producer with talent beyond his years, and recently added 700 followers to his soundcloud after posting one of his first tunes on a friends blog. (It wasn't this blog, you really think after 2 months of no posts, we drawing 700 readers a day? NAH.)

Others state that the 'Will' is actually Tamika's plastic surgeon, who botched her sex change for his own material gain. But it's the 'out there' one's stating this. I mean how much market is there for a 2nd hand cock?

GH will continue on the global heist, and this wont be the last feature on beautiful old 'OZ either.


First of all, mass appologies for 2+ months of no posts. I hope we can work this out and move forwards. (Just see what happens I guess.) In this instance though, I can tell you what will be happening. POSTS. MUSIC. PHOTO'S, AND THE RAMBLING'S OF NINE PENCE. Get comfy. Here follow's 5 tunes that I'm loving massively at the moment, hope you enjoy them.






BIG SHOUTS to Tyni for putting me on to 3 of these Artist's. Big love if yo reading this T.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Fully been sacking the blog off, the only reason this post and the words in front of your face exist is as follows: on the side the posts are arranged by month. If I had not made this post there would have been a gap for August. See I haven't even blogged in a month. It's almost as if I've been living.

Sunday, 31 July 2011


Just another of the many techniques Herman Stranger is prone to using. His repertoire is endless. In this instance, he is melting the res inside the tube. Meaning when he goes to flush the tube out, as seen before in these posts, he can flush out much more res than before. Please also note the flame hasn't come out in the standard fashion, instead in some odd orb of light. Herman Stranger moves in mysterious ways, i mean WHO THE FUCK is Herman Stranger?


Check this chick. Honestly bunnin 3 cig's, at once, in a club. Added to this, she is chuffing each one evenly, the ashes are exactly the same length. The length of the ash suggests she had a FAT BUNN and hasn't tapped it yet. Gotta big it up to her tho, I cant understand the motivation for the act. Clearly a mix of teenage rebellion (the smoking ban indoors at clubs these days), and a large need for a fat hit of smoke. Girl's got pipes.


Daily Breeze. Says it all really. Some blokes, chatting breeze for your supposed benfit, on a daily basis. Suppose its not so different to over here.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


This song is a banger. Listened to it many many times over the past 2 days. You can almost smell the motivation in the chorus. Support a breh killin it bigstyle now, cop the album at his bandcamp HERE.