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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ghetto hooners: GLOBAL HEIST #2

Ghetto hooners live in the place once again, this time in Australia! We got a dope GH rep over there, allow me introduce: Tamika.

 Tamika nabs a willing tourist for a photo. (What the fuck is going on with their free hands behind their backs?!?!)

Tamika reps GH big style, always up for a street cypher with anyone that will rhyme with her (read: doesn't run off instantly after clocking her.) She also blams up stickers in her homeland HARD, as you can see by the photo's above.

There is a great deal of debate and confusion over the photo above, and the sticker she has oddly placed about her person, which reads: "NAH WILL!"

Some argue that the 'Will' referred to is a young lad of about 17 years of age, who currently lives in a historic market town just off the A3. He's a dope producer with talent beyond his years, and recently added 700 followers to his soundcloud after posting one of his first tunes on a friends blog. (It wasn't this blog, you really think after 2 months of no posts, we drawing 700 readers a day? NAH.)

Others state that the 'Will' is actually Tamika's plastic surgeon, who botched her sex change for his own material gain. But it's the 'out there' one's stating this. I mean how much market is there for a 2nd hand cock?

GH will continue on the global heist, and this wont be the last feature on beautiful old 'OZ either.


First of all, mass appologies for 2+ months of no posts. I hope we can work this out and move forwards. (Just see what happens I guess.) In this instance though, I can tell you what will be happening. POSTS. MUSIC. PHOTO'S, AND THE RAMBLING'S OF NINE PENCE. Get comfy. Here follow's 5 tunes that I'm loving massively at the moment, hope you enjoy them.






BIG SHOUTS to Tyni for putting me on to 3 of these Artist's. Big love if yo reading this T.