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Sunday, 26 June 2011


Herman loves a clean tube. Gakky hoons that dont rip properly dont go down well with GH, although a good joan is a thing of beauty and worth celebrating.

With running water and a screw, Herman shows how easy it is to remove resin in seconds.

"Herman Shittey's big shittey res removal kit" soon come...


Now we all remember what happened when Rory (the most cheerful earful money or friendship can buy) last went to Wine Shack. If you missed the first post, you can cop it here.

After the events of his first visit, I thought I'd join him this friday, and maybe witness some extreme lack of stock in an offie' first hand. It was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. A few paces from the building, I can see bottles of wine along the window sill. Let down. Walking through the door, I can see a modest display of beers in the chillers. I wont exaggerate though, it was a modest selection, perhaps 4 different lagers. I thought momentarily that the days of famine in Wine Shack were over. The presence of beer alone meant that this trip was a far cry from Rory's harrowing experience two weeks ago.

While I've been standing in the shop having this mental crisis over the stock levels of local alcohol merchants, Rory has walked to the counter with beers. (Needless to say, he got more than three and paid more than £3.17.) Fully resigned to the fact that I would be leaving with no evidence of Wine Shack's awful stock management, my eyes were treated to the most poor excuse for a fag counter i have ever seen.

I hope you like camel. Dont bother buying rizla cos they got ZERO baccy to go with them.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Just about to go outside and cheekily take snaps 

Herman Stranger is actually quite familiar to many, even Dominos got him on lock.

Herman Stranger, Herman Shittey, call him what you may. The lad can still sink a larger hoon than many I have ever seen. Also shows intense commitment to the hoon in the early hours, as depicted in the following video. The use of 3 lighters, all holding one piece of the puzzle for a flame, is extraordinary.

Something is definitley suspect with this video. Some blame the use of 3 lighters, some blame the video converter program used, and others blame Herman himself.  

Friday, 17 June 2011

Ghetto hooners: GLOBAL HEIST #1

Ghetto hooners live in the place in barcelona. Big shouts to big stiggy Gregory for hitting them up. December Snow mission soon come, sort of. 

Monday, 13 June 2011


Right its happened to all of us. We've all gone to the off licence a bit too late on a chance tip, and been dissapointed by the brews to choose from once there. The following short tale will put all of those occasions to shame.

The time was around 7pm, maybe half past. My main man Rory had failed to get himself any brews, so he takes a trip down to Wine Shack, casual as you like. People dont usually kick off when you go to buy beer. So he innocently walks into town, unbeknownst to him the pure shock lying in wait for him.

He walks into said shotta of booze, and does a double take. The walls are bare. And I mean BARE. Not a bottle on them, chilled and room temperature alike. Still reeling and almost speechless, he manages to spill from his rhyme hole " got any beer?"

The pure hilarity of questioning the presence of beer, in an office licence, was not lost on me.

The reply to his question was an indifferent one, blaming a missed delivery. "But i can sell you 2 bottles of Becks and a bottle of Bud for £3.17" she suggested, clearly sensing Rory's complete disbelief the entire scenario. Due to the prompt pricing of these 3 beers, im expecting Wine Shack provide training for these kind of situations. 'Accurate pricing of odd bottles of beer in a crisis 101', or something.

Anyway needless to say Rory paid his £3.17, picked up his man-size helping of beers and returned home. See below a picture of Rory with his 3 beers. Tounge stuck out like a dog, or just a guy with 3 beers.

Saturday, 11 June 2011



Introducing Peppers, a cheeky lad who can cluck harder, longer and louder than anyone else. Mainly for mskat. But he's not fussy. Top lad, clearly follows the right blog. Above 1: Peppers in full on viking haircut mode. Above 2: Cheeky ink on his rear so if he forgets his name he can have a lil' look. LAD.
I love goooooooold.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


It's like that cheeky lad Pablo never left.


Highly regarded DJ and two-time joaner Risko Skiddin here giving some love back to the beef. Note: no cows are startled by his presence, they understand that this breh is strictly on a beef love hype, and isn't coming to wank them off so iceland can shot it at a quid a go.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Is a banger off Jehst's forthcoming album 'The dragon of an ordinary family'. 4 Years in the making, I've heard from reliable sources thats its the don. Shouldn't really expect any less from Billy Brimstone. You can pre-order it at Suspect Packages, ships 13th June. Don't sleep.