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Sunday, 17 July 2011


 This is my boy Nicco.

This is him getting his mack on.

This is him in 100% swag mode. It needs to be played with this song to fully be apreciated. 

Nicco is a lad who I have known for a while, he literally upped sticks and went to Thailand about 6 months ago. Looks like he has the best time out there, just beyond fun. A GH expedition is planned for July 2012 for Nicco's 21st, maybe even STB in the mix who knows. I can't account for any future planning for Toby. He is unemployed currently, and we have assigned him to writing mass amounts of bars in a proper spit ninja BARRELEYESPOOKFISH Jam Baxter steez.
Anyway back to Noggz, he has his own blog, documenting his mad life out there now. Thing's tang. 


Nicco is also a bad man at designing. You can cop his shit on the following link.

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